Men Nguyen – Professional Poker Player Review Series

Men Nguyen happens to be a very popular Vietnamese-American poker professional. He was born in the year of 1954 in Phan Thiet in Vietnam. He has attained such mastery in the game of poker that he if very often referred to as Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen. Men Nguyen spent his early years with his family. He put an end to his education dropping out from the school in the year of 1967 when he was a mere teenager of 13. The tight financial condition of his family compelled him to take up a job so that he could fend for himself and for his family. Almost immediately he became a bus driver.

The next phase of the life of Men Nguyen is very interesting. He happened to be a staunch anti-Communist. He somehow managed to escape from the Communist Regime of Vietnam and sailed on boat to Pulau Besar in Malaysia in the year of 1978. It is not that he escaped alone. He had 87 compatriots with him on his way to Malaysia. Things in Men Nguyen’s life started changing when he received political asylum from the United States of America in the very same year. After he had got it, he moved to Los Angeles in California and settled there permanently. He came to avail the citizenship of the United States of America in the year of 1986.

Men Nguyen was introduced to the game of poker in the year of 1984 when he tried with the poker game for the first time in all his life during his junket to Las Vegas in Nevada. Once he started playing the game, he got terribly interested in poker. He started playing the game quite frequently on almost every weekend. Quite unfortunately and quite amazingly he used to lose hundreds of dollars, resulting in his being nicknamed as the ‘Money Machine’. Despite being defeated frequently and losing hundreds of dollars Men Nguyen was found to have lost no interest in poker. Rather, in the process of losing again and again, he learnt much on poker picking up the tricks of the game, which enabled him to become a master of the game in the later times.

The fact that Men Nguyen really became the master of the game of poker is best testified by his achievements as a Professional Poker Player. Within the time span from 2000 till 2004, he took part in more than 75 poker tournaments at various levels. Most interestingly, he has more than one hundred and twenty money finishes to his credit. Nguyen became the Card Player Magazine Player of the year for four times in the years of 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2005.

Apart from being a successful poker professional himself, Men Nguyen is also very successful in the field of tutoring others and preparing them as experts in the game of poker. He even tutored Minh Nguyen and David Pham who happened to be his cousins. Binion Behnen, the grandson of Benny Binion opines that Men has been a trainer to many more poker champions.

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Poker Book Reviews

Poker Books are a great way to learn the game of poker. You have a direct gateway, whether you are a regular player or a complete newbie, to the insight of some of the greatest poker players alive today. They have taken time to write all this knowledge down for you to take your game to the next level.

The best way to start getting better at the game is by reading and practicing the game of poker. But, you need to know what to read and how to practice. These books unlock that secret for you. You can learn great things from pros such as Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Dan Harrington or Phil Hellmuth Jr. Whether its Daniels small ball or Doyle’s suited connectors theory, you will get better by learning from them.

Whether you are an online poker player or are brand new to the game. You need to start learning as much as you can from some of the best. Sure, you can join training sites, but now that the online sites have been shut down they are practically useless. The training sites sole purpose was to start helping players to get used to online variance and the online speed. If you want to start playing in the casinos, then you need to start reading books.

There is a world of knowledge to be had out there dedicated to the “live” poker player. The game is completely different from online and you need to treat it as such. The game is slower, if your used to playing online you will want to play any two rags in front of you solely to get action. You need to learn patience and what cards to play and not to play. You can do this in books. You will also be able to learn how to read certain players and you will start playing them and not your cards.

Poker is getting more and more advanced as the years have gone on. You can tell through the levels of play you might see on t.v. or online. Everyone is constantly thinking about what the other person has, what the other person thinks they have, and how they can win all those chips in the middle of the table.

There is speculation, but there have been said to be three different levels of poker. The first is knowing how to play your cards, the second is knowing what your opponent has, and finally the third is thinking what your opponent thinks you have. If you were to get to this final level, “professional” level, you would be able to make any player do what you would like them to. You would be able to make them call you when they think you have nothing and you would be able to call them on their bluffs.

Gus Hansen – Professional Poker Player Review Series

Gus Hansen is a Professional Poker Player. He is known to all because he is the only player who has won four WPT titles. He is the winner of 2007 Aussie Millions Main Event. Gustav Hansen or Gus Hansen was born on 13th February in the year 1974. His birthplace is Copenhagen, Denmark. This young man is a Professional Poker Player. Presently the poker professional lives in Monaco which is a small sovereign state in Western Europe. Gus Hansen was a famous backgammon player before he started playing poker.

He was a world class player in backgammon before 1997. He steps into the world of poker in 1993 and made himself a true professional in this casino game after 4 years of starting it. Another quality of Hansen is really very interesting. Before he started this profession he was also a youth tennis champion on those days. In his teenage he was very much known as a sports enthusiast. In his teenage he has taken part in many athletic challenges.

Both indoor and outdoor games were his preferences to take the challenges. He was very serious in those sports and established himself as a successful junior athlete. After 1997 Gus Hansen committed to the casino games and here also established a successful carrier. This is the best feature of his characteristics that what ever he does, he dose it very seriously till the success. In the betting world he is known because he does not only concentrate on the poker and the other professional games but he also accepts private bets that are fixed on various outdoor sports.

In 1993 Gus Hansen was a student of The University of California at Santa Cruz. While he was studying there as an exchange student he first stepped into the world of poker games. He was always interested in mathematics and numbers. The first time when he got interested in backgammon he was practiced it intensively until he made himself a master in the calculation. Hansen took part in the 1996 World Series of Poker for the first time.

But Gus Hansen knew that he was not going to win in the game because he ha s no experience of playing no limit hold’em before that time. He was lost the game but he gained the energy of learning the game properly from that game. That was the beginning of Hansen’s learning the poker games. He continued his experiments with the poker games. As he decided to practice the game with his full attention, he invented new strategies and styles to win the poker game.

After that Gus Hansen never looked back to his past performances on backgammon. In the year 2005 he won the Grand Final in the Poker Superstars Invitational. In 2006 he won the biggest pot in the second season of High Stakes Poker. In the year 2007 he won $1,192,919 for getting the first place in Aussie Millions Main Event that had taken place in Melbourne, Australia. Gus Hansen has established himself very fast in the world of poker games.

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